The overall health of yours to the moods of yours as well as your interactions are influenced by the cleanliness of your workplace and home. We understand you’re working really hard during the entire day. Spending your breather cleaning the home or perhaps workspace is not sleeping.

Nevertheless, will it need to be accomplished by you?
TelusCare may be the sole portal in Dubai which will help you reserve dependable home and also business Cleaning Service at the fingertips of yours. Through the portal, you are able to book home Cleaning Service plus office Cleaning Service in Dubai plus any other emirates.

It may be nerve wracking to look for a Cleaning Service in Dubai, provided the broad selection of cleaning solutions offered with these. We realize that it may be hard for you to believe in a stranger with the washing of your workplace or home. We at TelusCare help you locate the most perfect Cleaning Service.

You just have to get into the necessity of yours in our Cleaning Service calculator. The TelusCare portal is going to offer you a broad range of Cleaning Service providers in Dubai to select from. You’ve the freedom to choose some cleaning business in Dubai primarily based on the requirement of yours


One) Identify cleaning service near your workplace and home.
Two) Pick the kind of premises primarily based on the requirement of yours; you’ll have a function to pick from business, warehouse, company premises for business Cleaning Service in Dubai.
Three) Pick from the many TelusCare approved; trained, verified, and professional cleaners.
Four) Find inexpensive Cleaning Service in Dubai and across UAE working with the Cleaning Service calculator.
Five) Select from Deep Cleaning, Water Tank, Grease Trap, Ac Duct, Curtain, Carpet, Window Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, upholstery cleaning and even more under a roof for commercial space cleaning or home.
Six) Monitor real time schedule and work improvement as well as offer directions on a task without getting an actual presence seven) Collect exciting reward points!

Cleaning up Service

AC Cleaning Service

Infant Sitting

Monthly Cleaning

The best way to Obtain the best RATES FOR CLEANING SERVICES IN DUBAI?

TelusCare Cleaning Service Calculator assures you least expensive cleaning across Dubai.

Just choose your preferred services, routine and place in the drop down menus as well as reach the calculate tab getting real time rates and also offers from the TelusCare approved cleaning businesses in Dubai and beyond.

TelusCare offers you the simplest way to evaluate and reserve the best reasonably priced home Cleaning Service plus office Cleaning Service in Dubai and many other emirates at one click.

You are able to reserve today at price starting from AED twenty four per hour only.

Extra charges might be levied through the service provider for application of any additional content or treatment offered by Dubai cleaning company. All of the costs are revealed after calculation are VAT excluded.


All of the service providers on TelusCare are authorized just after an entire background check on the business. To ensure the cleansers are trained, verified, and professional cleaners.
Book Now or maybe Schedule Browse and choose the services plus cleaners specifically according to the accessibility, speed as well as consumer reviews.
360 degree support The one online portal which offers 360-degree technology help to book the choice of yours of cleaning service provider and also cleaning expert in Dubai.
Adaptable Contracts
Overall flexibility to select from daily, weekly, annual and monthly cleaning contracts for the house of yours, office, industrial industries and spots.
Real-time tracking Along with you from booking the service to service completion.
TelusCare allows you to monitor real time schedule and also job improvement even if you’re from home.

Promotions and Reward Points Cleaning Services DubaiExciting reward and deals points can be found at time of reservation.
What more?
TelusCare e wallets and reward programs for quick web bookings and opportunity to avail totally free services!

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