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Maids-Hut offers a large variety of cleaning services and tailored services for every customer needs. From House cleaning, party helping and watching your pet we all have it here at Maid’s Hut. So what are you waiting for? Contact Us Now via Call or Whatsapp 0529800882 or through our Contact Us page.

Our Services includes:

Sparkling spotless home is guaranteed! Maid’s Hut Cleaning Services utilizes a top-down approach to offer you standardized hygiene conventions each and every time. Our maids are punctilious in dealing with the things at your home while cleaning, ascertaining that nothing is damaged. What’s more with regards to cleaning services is the confidence that we keep in making your home dirt-free, leaving a gleaming sparkle. Our master housekeepers are better than an average in everything that they do and will be at your doorstep when you require them. They are trained in a manner that they carry out their work with a great interest and are not intrigued by any sort of fascination like music, TV or telephoning amid working hours. We ensure timely household work for you while keeping cleanliness as our main focus. Our services comprise full mopping job; dusting furniture and appliances out; vacuuming job; and kitchen cleaning.

Offices are famous for their immaculate appeal due to cleanliness, which is necessary for a high-profile business hub in the country. Office managers regularly hire affordable office cleaning service to maintain offices cleanliness’ amazing look. Continuous professional office cleaning will also help improve the office’s appearance. Dirt accumulating on walls and floors affect their overall appeal since they cling on their surfaces for a long time, making them difficult to remove in the long run. Furthermore, dirt and mess can damage various parts of the office, which will result to more expenses when the issues need to be dealt with the future.

As part of our deep cleaning services, we make sure we use the best products and cleaning tools to ensure your living space looks and feels clean when you walk into it. In Maid’s Hut, we have done an incredible job for so many people over the years that we have quickly become the top choice for many Dubai residents.During the time of year when you are probably thinking of deep cleaning at your home but you are full of good intentions, but you never seem to have the time due to your busy lifestyle here in Dubai. Any free time you need to spend with the family than getting grubby cleaning your home.We can save your time, Maid’s Hut will suit you.

Here at Maids Hut, we understand how vital cleanliness is, especially in places where there’s a lot of people traffic, such as in offices and condominiums. Each entry and exit brings a host of viruses, bacteria, dirt and trash. If you need your business premises cleaned regularly, let Maids Hut knows so our Maids in Dubai could work out on a schedule that is both convenient and affordable. Our team of reliable cleaning services experts will take care of your housekeeping needs so that you will have more time to focus on your business core competencies.

Getting your clothes ironed has never been easy. Maid’s Hut are here to serve you whatever ironing services you needed. All our maids are expert in ironing all types of clothes and any garments that can be ironed. We, in Maid’s Hut can take over your ironing while you and your family can have a free time after the days of work. We also provide a full range of professional ironing services.

Taking a good care of your pet is very important. We, at Maid’s Hut also offers a pet caring service to look after your pet while you are being away from home or when you the owners are having a short term travels.Nowadays, owners are treating their pets as a family member that’s why we, at Maid’s Hut provides a top-notch pet caring service that you can ensure your pets will be in good hands.

Dusting is an essential task that needs some expert care and attention.You can rest assured that Maid’s Hut will be scrupulously thorough and careful. In Maid’s Hut Services, indoor and outdoor dusting are much preferred. Even your memorabilia such as trophies, medals and plaques are being dusted and cleaned. You can rest assured that every single of your furniture are wiped to remove dust and gives a good shines that customers are wish for.

Our Expertly trained dishwashing experts in Maid’s Hut will deliver a unique service experience tailored to your situation. Our dish washing experts will treat you and your home with respect. In fact, due to our superior level of customer service, many of our customers look to Maid’s Hut. Every single stain on your pans, casserole, plates and other kitchen equipment we can remove. We enjoy our work and it shows!

Cleaning up your floor may take too much of your time. With Maid’s Hut, we make sure that your floors will be clean as your mops. Dirty mop heads are prone to germs and bacteria that’s why in Maid’s Hut, we provide sanitizing and changing your mops every week so when you need it it will be surely available. We also offer microfiber tube mop, dust mop and heavy duty wet mop. Maid’s Hut do daily, weekly and monthly basis.

In Maid’s Hut your laundry is just one click away. We do extra care and also providing the care that your clothes maybe needed, removing stains, making it sparkling clean and helping your clothes last longer is what Maid’s Hut Services can do for you. Consider our service as a spa for your clothes, surely from start to finish your clothing will have the quality care that you also give to yourself.

Our Maids in Dubai babysitting policy ensures that we take all reasonable precautions to guarantee the welfare of your child from maintaining discipline to feeding and care patterns directed by the parent. Designed to meet your full satisfaction, we provide skilled nurses and babysitters depending on your requirements and the age of your child. Maid’s Hut is a great choice for baby sitting in Dubai as our staff can both look after you family and take care of the cleaning services at the same time. Maid’s Hut assure all our customer that when you leave your children with our babysitter staff you can rest assured that they’ve already been through our stringent recruitment process, designed to provide you with the very best childcare in the country and give you total peace of mind.

Post Construction dust and dirt are very hard to remove and leave a heavy stain on walls and other tight places. Here are Maids Hut we have a special people trained for cleaning post construction facilities. You can hire our maids on hourly basis and you will get the cleaning satisfaction that you need for your office or private properties. fill up the form below and our professionals will surely call you.

Are you ever tired or who will help you on events and parties that you organize? or are you missing the happy moments on parties because you are busy? well good news, we are accepting Party Helping Services on Maids Hut you can hire our maids on helping you on special occasions that you are suppose to be enjoying with your families and friends. You can hire our maids by hourly rate. What are you waiting for, fill up the form below and get your quote on Maids Hut

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